Best Video Calling Apps For PC Windows - Facetime


You and your bestie stay over the seas. Both of you are in no contact. A very pertinent question in such a situation is. Will the friendship retain? Of course! Why not! In this 21st century, when you have so many communicative apps, why worry about your friends staying far away! In fact, when you are getting the opportunity to use innumerable why are you putting your friendship into question!

Yes! I’m talking of the video calling apps! Now, you not only can talk to your friend but go much beyond that. You can visualize your friend, have fun, and click selfies of video chats as memories and so much more! Life demands some good video calling apps. Click Here to Download Facetime For PC. Given below are the best video calling apps of the time, provided that you are using Windows 10. Come on. Let’s begin.

1. Skype

Skype does not demand any introduction! It is one of the most popular softwares that forecast online communication at an ease. Millions of people use the services of Skype to chat, voice call and conduct video calls. Not only is it limited to the calling, but also can help in sharing important files and documents. Besides, you can call someone in their mobile phone from Skype. You can use Skype in desktop, tablets, and mobile phones

2. Facebook

Facebook, being the world largest social network, spreads its branches to Windows 10 as well. The best way to get into Facebook is to download the Facebook messenger. Although Messenger began its days with just texting, now it has expanded to video calls too. To begin with messenger, tap the name of you friend followed by the icon of video call. You will find this icon on the right hand side corner at the top of the screen. If you have to use messenger from your laptop, that is possible too! Click on the contact with whom you want to do a video call. Go to the chat box and click on the camera icon.

3. Viber

This is another powerful tool for undergoing good communication. Download it in Windows 10 at ease. Once you are done installing the Viber App, you will be allowed to send text messages, and conduct both voice and video calls. All these can be performed while your PC is connected to the internet. Besides, you can send stickers, GIFs, important documents in the form of attachments, photos, statuses and locations even. Amidst all facilities, if you can sync your Viber account between your computer and mobile phone, you will experience the smoothest communication.

4. Line

Line is more like Viber. Besides permitting you to send text messages, you can go for voice and video calls. Here, the chats can be expressed more with beautiful and apt stickers. The quality of the video is worth commendable. Not a single image will appear blurry. Even if it does, know that it is because of your internet connection. The timeline of Line allows you to stay in constant touch with the day to day news. Also, you can keep in touch with your favorite brands and celebrities by following them.

Its additional store allows you to buy extra stickers, themes, games and premium call credits if required. Apart from Windows 10, Line can also be used in various other platforms. The above mentioned four video calling apps are by far the best! Along with them, you can also communicate with the medium of similar kind of apps such as Whatsapp, Google Duo, Amazon Alexa, etc.



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