Why Should One Visit Sarjah's Mleiha?


The things that can take us back in time are the things that are from old times. Mleiha is known to be the land that our ancestors inhabited from the bronze age. Thus, if you like to explore new things and read about the history of thousands of years old, then Mleiha won’t disappoint you in that department.

Therefore, if you want to wander into the old times, then visit Mleiha as you can be surprised with the immense amount of information which you will gather there.

Mleiha- A Land Rich In Its Heritage

A vast amount of historical artifacts have been discovered from the land of Mleiha. This is the reason why it is protected and cherished among the people there. If you decide to visit it, you will find forts from the pre-Islamic period and tombs built during the Bronze Age Period. Surprising is the fact that these tombs are rich in their artistry as well as the stones are so robust that they have passed the test of time.

Also, so many fossils have been discovered till now from the land in Mleiha Sharjah, and there is a potential of discovering more. It is also an astonishing sight for nature lovers too. Not to mention, there are still a wide variety of undiscovered species of flora and fauna. All in all, this land has much older things than you can imagine. Therefore, visiting it could be a life-altering decision for you. Also, witnessing the history right in front of you can clear away a lot of distorted perceptions of society.

Reasons To Visit Mleiha

1. It Will Surely Interest Your Child

If your children are less curious and history bores them, then you can make a trip to Mleiha. It will surely pique their interest, and they might start to like their history subject. Also, it could really work wonders for your child for educational purposes as they might be reading about the pre-Islamic and the bronze age in their history classes. Imagine their astonishment once they witness it all with their own eyes.

2. You Will Be Amazed With The Factual Details Of Some Classic Periods

Mleiha has a vast history related to some classic periods of all time that are often mentioned. It has some staggering artifacts, such as the tombs that were built during the bronze age period and forts that were there even before the Islamic period. Also, there are some evident artifacts that date back to the paleolithic period.

3. Surely Worth It For Art And Literature Students

If you are pursuing your studies in Art and Literature, then you do not need any convincing. And probably you have already read everything about Mleiha, and it’s already on your list of destinations that you want to explore. However, if you have not yet done this, then you must do so as you will find some significant stories and artifacts that are thousands of years older.

4. A Perfect Blend Of History, Culture, And Nature

If you look into the history, then it tells you the tale of thousands of years ago. And once you have the artifacts that are old, you can easily discover the culture as well. However, in the region of Mleiha, Bedouin culture is more prevalent. Moreover, apart from the history and culture, there is a vast stream of unexplored species of flora and fauna as well. Thus, it is a perfect blend of three major elements which make life more significant.


Worth exploring, right? Well, Mleiha is certainly a pleasant sight for most architects, archeologists, and artists. If you have any slight connection to such fields, then you must at least try this place once. You can also embark upon a journey of desert and venture into the exploration of your own. In simple words, if you decide to visit Mleiha, then one thing is for sure, and that is, you will have a thrilling adventure of your life.